Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drop Kick Ale in Bottles

Just to let Drop Kick fans know we weren't just kidding about bottling it some day I decided to post the finished label. It is still a couple months from hitting shelves, but it is coming soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pasteurizer Arrives

On Monday morning a new era at the Weston Brewing Company arrived on a flatbed trailer. At about 8:30am a truck from North Carolina pulled into the WBC parking lot with the 10'x24' piece of new equipment. Sean is seen in the photo getting into position to raise the machine from the trailer.
The next step in the process was to stand and stare in awe while trying to figure out how this was ever going to make it into the brewery. Initial attempts to lift as planned nearly tipped the forklift.
About five gut-wrenching hours later the pasteurizer was lined up and ready to move into it's new home.
The last photo was taken from inside the brewery as we prepared for the final step.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Local Products of Weston

The Weston Brewing Company is proudly moving towards completing the circle of food, drink and nature. The brewery donates spent grain to local cattle operations. Three different ranchers currently feed the high-protein leftovers of brewing to Weston cattle. Four healthy Galloway "Belties" enjoy a drink near Red Barn Farm. These four steers get a regular dose of barley.
The Weston Brewing Company's America Bowman Restaurant is working with local ranchers and farmers to provide patrons with as much local meat and produce as the growing season begins in Weston.