Monday, October 20, 2008

Weston Irish Fest Dust Settles

A week has gone by since the Weston Irish Festival broke every record from the last nine years. The weather and crowd were the best we have ever experienced. More than 9,000 visitors traveled to Weston to join us for a fantastic weekend.
It took more than 100 workers and volunteers to make the weekend a success. It took nearly twenty of the best Irish acts in the country and 20 marvelous vendors. It is hard to say thanks enough to everyone involved. The town of Weston joined in more than ever, with Irish music up and down Main Street. The Celtic Ranch led the way and even went as far as organizing the vendors for this year's event. RJ's helped the atmosphere on Main with live Irish music of its own.
The top photo is the fest as it opened Saturday morning. On the right Peter and the kitchen staff frantically try to keep up with the hungry crowd. Michelle guided the outdoor kitchen crew until the bitter end, selling whatever remained. (The kitchen sink was not eaten.) Justin relaxes the Tuesday following the fest. He was forced to drink a Coors from home as nearly every beer brewed in the last three months was consumed in three days. (Justin will be a busy man in the next few weeks.)
Once again, thank you to all who helped and visited. I'm sure everyone who lived through this one will remember the fun for many years!

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dutch05 said...

And thanks to all of you at the Weston Brewery and O'Malley's pub. The festival was brilliant this year, the weather cooperated, the entertainment you brought in was fantastic, and I really enjoyed the Festival Ale you brewed for this year.
As a volunteer I really felt appreciated, and we were treated wonderfully, really made the trip from Michigan worth it!