Wednesday, January 26, 2011

O'Malley's Stout & Pub Warmer Dinner

Friday, February 11 is the date for the next big dinner. We are introducing O'Malley's Irish Stout and celebrating the season with Pub Warmer Winter Ale. The dinner will be in the Upper Pub and will begin at 6pm for beer tasting and appetizers. Dinner service will begin at 7pm.
The dinner is $25 per person and includes full meal, beer, and admission to the lower cellar for musical entertainment.

The menu for the dinner has been announced and is listed below.
Stater: Irish Potato Skins
Soup: Chestnut Soup
Entree: Cinnamon Pork or Cranberry Chicken with Rice Pilaf & Glazed Carrots
Dessert: Pumpkin Pecan Rum Cake with hazelnut mousse

As of today a few spots are still available. Just call 816-640-5235 for reservations.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here comes Prototype. Our first stout.

Here is a photo of Corey shoveling the dark grain from batch two of the stout. Hopefully the local cows have developed a taste for the new grain bill.
Labels have finally arrived and look like the photo below. As of Wednesday we look forward to getting the Proto-Stout out of the pub and into the mouths of the public.
We are hoping to make this new stout into O'Malley's Irish Stout down the road. With your tasting and input we will try to make it the best Irish-Style Dry Stout in the USA.
Peter and Kevin are seen at the right fighting mightily against the antique labeling machine.
Jesse Dalton is mastering the fine art of bottle handling. His past experience was in removing bottles from boxes.

Tasting Notes:
This malt bill for this stout includes Pale 2-row base malt along with Chocolate, Roasted and Caramel malt.
We use nothing but East Kent Goldings to bitter and flavor and Irish Ale yeast to ferment. We have imported everything but the water in order to make this the most authentic Irish Stout available!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The O'Malley Bus Gets a Makeover

The good old O'Malley's VW Bus spent New Year's Eve in the shop getting a new look. Right now she is all the way to bare metal and getting ready for the redo. Look for more updates and the debut of the new-look Bus at St. Patrick's Day celebrations around the metro.