Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey you...guy who wants Cider...

Funny you should mention.  We are currently in talks with the Louisberg Cider folks and will soon begin test batches of a nice, dry cider.  So all you people out there looking for a good, local apple based product to get you loopy your prayers shan't go unheeded by us WBC guys. Watch the blog for details.  

It's an Apple's serving beer/Cider.

I kill me.

WBC "Big" Beers

Our new handcrafted "Big" beer series is well into experimental mode. Cream Ale Reserve, Raspberry and Red Barn Peach are among the first testers. Keep an eye on the post as there will be a review party coming up in the next month or so.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I was duped, I tell 'ya...

Am I the only one that thinks the Federal government requires *way* too much paperwork of us hard working Americans?  The reason I ask is I just finished our Federal Brewery Excise Tax forms and our quarterly brewer's report of operations.  The instructional documentation reads like a Dick and Jane book leading you to believe how wonderfully easy it all is.  Several hours and many beers later I have things neatly tied up and a stack of paper that's likely half the rain forest. Oh yeah, the Feds also sent me a postcard.  Go figure.

The Brewer Speaks (or at least types)

Good day all, has been a sweltering few weeks in the brew house for yours truly. We have been working to the point of exhaustion in order to bring you more of our delicious summer seasonal, SunRye's Ale.  I have also been developing new and exciting brews for future seasonals and a few just for fun.  (yes I have a terrible job) I guess what I am trying to say is I hope to hear from YOU!!! Tell me what you think, ask me a question, gripe about your spouse, it doesn't really matter.  I spend my days in the brewery with only minimal outside contact, so... do me a favour and drop me a line.  I will probably respond (trying not to sound to desperate)



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out of the frying pan...

No sooner had Corey stepped off the plane from Texas just a few short hours ago we loaded up a Freightliner Sprinter full of delicious WBC beer and he began blazing a trail to the North. Wisconson distributors are clamoring for product and Corey has accepted the call.  But let's look closer, shall we...  
I've taken the liberty of "mildly" outlining what appears to be the remnants of a quick dip in the pool.  We are, however, soaking wet from loading said Freightliner with beer on a *very* muggy Missouri summer afternoon.  Will Corey stop by the homestead for a quick shower after a long flight and a grueling load in?  Home is only a thirty second walk away, after all.  No, my friends.  No.  That heavenly aroma wafting through the summer breeze, faithful readers, is the sticky sweet stank of dedication.  Eight hours worth will be building up in a Freightliner Sprinter.  God help the luggage boy at the hotel he spends the night in.  Needless to say Corey is making this trip solo.  Ride on lone wolf...ride on.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Signed for by Saint Peter....

Justin and Mike making a beer delivery to heaven. If everyone knew they had O'Malley's new SunRye's beer there they might behave a bit better. These are the real Mike and Justin. Not actors so be kind when responding to their appearance.

Searson hits the Pub Stage October 23rd

Searson folks.  Searson.  Just over a week past fest time.  Tickets are five bucks at the door.  Seriously, you can't even get a crap meal that's been under a heat lamp for two hours for five bucks. Watch the website for details.  It's a Thursday night so I would highly recommend that you get your weekend on early.  Besides, unless you're here all weekend your plans are probably going to fall short of your expectations anyway.  Searson folks. Searson.

Welcome to the Weston Brewing Company

Well, homies here it is.  The end-all-be-all culmination of the best of the interweb.  Now between checking which pumps Paris is wearing today and getting your daily dose of government conspiracy theories you can help make the world a better place by posting here.  

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Let'em fly.  If we like them we might just holler back.  If not, we'll likely pretend our DSL was down.  Oh yeah,  you can also use this site to ask questions about the brewery, the restaurant, the pub, your favorites bands and the festival if you're into such trivial things.  Just keep in clean, kids. This is a family show.

Well, I'm spent.  Here's hoping to hear from all of you very soon.