Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two New Brews Coming Up

Be a part of the WBC decision making process!
This weekend will be the introduction of Weston Ruddy Wheat. Our deep amber version of a classic American wheat. We think it is a fun drink for the St. Pat's season, but would like to hear what you think.
You will also soon be treated to our new Pepper beer made with a couple different peppers. It is based on our Emerald lager. There is much to enjoy with this one if you like it hot. Catch Mike or Corey running around and we will be happy to treat you to a sampler.



Hey to my cousin Clint that will be there celebrating St. Pat's with his new woman!! Have a go for Will and I, let us know how you liked them Clint!! Wish we could be there with ya!!

Anonymous said...

love the ruddy wheat. you guys should brew it year round and bottle it.

Michael Coakley said...

The Ruddy is coming in bottles very soon. Keep an eye out.