Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Tanks Are Up and Ready

Weston Brewing is getting ready for a big 2013.  Two new 45bbls fermentation tanks were delivered to the brewery from Oregon this week.  This was both an exciting and gut wrenching event.  These tanks are twice as big as anything we had ever dealt with before. 
The first photo is Mike surveying Damon surveying Peter working on placing the first tank.
The second photo shows the tanks in all their new glory.
We are looking forward to getting some Cream Ale and Royal Lager into these beauties.


Julie Summa said...

do you guys give tours?

Julie Summa said...

Do you all give tours??

chad visger said...

seeing those tanks for the first time was like looking into the face of jesus and having him tell me, "you are my most wonderous creation!".

Michael Coakley said...

Hi Julia,

Yes ma'am. We do tours at one, three and five on Saturdays, given by yours truly. Takes about an hour, you get to see places not open to the public and it ends with a sampling of all our brews. For a mere $5 it's a steal.