Friday, August 29, 2008

1842 Booby Trap

Justin and Corey embarked on a mission to find the secret tunnel linking the cellars to the brewer's mansion next door. Pictured is Justin standing next to what looks like a covered over tunnel entrance with a small hole poked in it that revealed a large amount of rubble. (The small can in Justin's left hand is the stupid juice that gave us this great idea.)

Pictured to the right is Corey stuck in a big dirt hole. Some one a hundred years ago obviously had the same idea we had. There was no tunnel. Just an arch to hold the wall up. On futher inspection there was never anything of interest. We managed to make a big mess, drink beer, and stare at dirt.

1 comment:

Michael Coakley said...

I'm particularly enjoying Corey's Gollum impression in the second pic. "It burns us!!"