Friday, August 8, 2008

What would happen if....

...I posted just because "I wanna"?  No, I'm not drunk. I'm not under the influence of any illicit drugs nor have I been spoken to by a short, bald man wearing a shoddy trench coat. Sometimes, sitting in the wee morning hours one just feels like venting.  I've spent the past four hours or so plodding and planning over some inane excel spreadsheets wondering if I should poke my eyes out with a sharp stick or drink until I can't feel feelings.  I haven't done either yet.  Such is the fate of a professional procrastinator. Perhaps I'll sleep on it.  In the meantime please enjoy this picture of batboy.

Peace out.

1 comment:

Westonite said...

I once saw that guy up in the dumbwaiter shaft in the bottom pub.
He ended up getting wasted that night.