Friday, May 20, 2011

Drop Kick Ale will usher in KC Sporting's $200,000,000 Venue

That's right DK fans.  Drop Kick Ale will be on two of the eight taps in the Member's Club in the Livestrong Stadium.  Wanna be a member?  It's free.  Check for details.  This is an exciting time for Weston Brewing Company as we'll be Kansas City's ONLY local beer on tap. As we wait for opening day, enjoy this sweet pic of Corey and Mike touring the nearly finished facility.

If you happen to be having brews at any of the other concession areas, ask for a Drop Kick.  Throw a fit just shy of getting ejected and we'll have a greater chance of acquiring even more taps.


Anonymous said...

I need to throw a fit. Drop dead is gust great. From BTeam Brewrey. Dirks

The Flo-Writer said...

Sweet pic, indeed.